Learning Journeys

In addition to one-on-one sessions, there are many ways to journey with radical life coaching!

Take my free self-guided Introduction to Embodied Liberatory Coaching! In this series of 5 video modules (each roughly 20 minutes long) you will get an experience of embodiment, liberation, and honoring our innate inner wisdom.

Enjoy fun movement?  I routinely schedule Scrumptious Movement sessions both in person in South Bend, as well as virtually.  In Scrumptious Movement, we explore movement for the delight and pleasure of movement – the way 5 year olds move.

During the summer months, I host outdoor Embodied Liberation sessions.  In Embodied Liberation we dive into our embodied ways of perpetuating oppression and explore interrupting oppressive habits with somatic awareness and practices.

I am more than happy to custom design an interactive body-based workshop or learning journey for your organization, church group, or company related to embodiment and social justice.  Some previous workshops have included:

  • Healthy self-care: What to do when the bubble bath goes cold and you have to face life again
  • Self-compassion 101: Hint – no one has actually hacked life
  • A purpose-driven life:  Aligning your work with your values
  • From stodgy to playful: Channeling the creativity of a 5-year old
  • Self-care for the caregiver
  • Embodying healthy boundaries
  • Introduction to Somatics

Contact me to discuss what is possible for your group.

Linda Raven Learning Journey

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