Introduction to Embodied Liberatory Coaching – a Self-Guided Course

Ready to take some active steps towards creating change in your life?  Have you tried making changes previously and found they just didn’t stick?  Curious to know more about what embodiment and liberation have to do with personal change?  Wondering how a radical life coach is different from other life coaches? Want to get a sense of Linda Raven’s approach to coaching? Or maybe you just enjoy watching YouTube videos!!!

This free self-guided course will introduce you to many of the tools of Linda’s radical approach to coaching.  With no obligation, you will explore embodiment, and be invited to take some active steps towards your personal transformation.

Specifically, this course is comprised of 5 modules.  Each module includes:

  • a ~20-minute long video (Okay, the first video is 35 minutes, but they get shorter after that.)
  • an explanation of this module’s topic
  • detailed instructions for exercises to experience this module’s topic firsthand
  • invitations for explorations to continue exploring this topic on your own

Every 4 days you will receive an email with a link to the video for the next module.  The module topics are:

  • Module 1 – Introduction and Centering

  • Module 2 – Developing a Declaration

  • Module 3 – Developing a Relationship to your Inner Voices or Parts

  • Module 4 – Taking this into Daily Life

  • Module 5 – Wrap-up, Integration, and Liberation

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