Embodiment as Liberation Courses

My signature course “Embodiment as Liberation” explores the many ways in which we can connect with the wisdom that is our bodies, the Earth and the beings around us.  Through a deeper understanding of how systemic societal issues of colonization, imperialism, racism, sexism and capitalism affect us as individuals, and keep us disconnected, we learn how prevalent the challenges we are facing are.  We then discover how we can use tools of embodiment such as dancing, movement, walking, writing, drawing and presence to rediscover our connection.  We will also develop our practice of mindfulness and meditation in order to relearn how to listen to this wisdom.

The root causes of our disconnection from our bodies are systemic so we must heal them on a systemic level.  All of this happens in the context of a supportive community with group discussions and group coaching to support us, challenge us and move us through the process together.  The course also includes two one on one coaching sessions with me (one at the beginning and one at the end) for you to have space to explore your specific situation.  Together we reclaim our collective sovereignty and freedom.

I currently don’t have any upcoming offerings of this course scheduled but contact me to arrange for the course to be offered at your venue.

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