Embodied Liberation – An Invitation

Do you know that life was meant to be so much more beautiful than what you are experiencing? But talking about following your dreams and listening to your heart can feel so frivolous in the face of racism, climate change, and systemic oppression. How can you talk about your heart’s longings when others are trying to survive and it feels like everything is falling apart?

How can you NOT talk about your heart’s longings?

What would it look like if our embodiment practices were social justice informed?  What would the experience of living in a just society feel like in our bodies?

If these questions resonate with you, then you are invited to join me in an experiment of embodying liberation

A 3-hour workshop: “Embodied Liberation”

My intention with this invitation is to create a brief community, including discussion,
embodiment practices, self-reflective exercises, and space for wonder.

We will:

  • build connection with each other, the garden, the Earth, and more.
  • open ourselves to the experience of living in a body.
  • speak from our embodied wisdom.
  • explore different ways of being in the world that allow us to be more compassionate with ourselves and others.
  • notice what compassion feels like in our bodies and notice what disconnection feels like. 
  • begin to have an embodied understanding of why addressing white body supremacy and systemic oppression can feel uncomfortable.
  • explore sitting with this discomfort.
  • experiment with simultaneously holding the joy of living in a body and the
    discomfort of living with systemic oppression.

Sounds like a lot to promise? Yes it is too much for 3 hours.  It has taken hundreds of years to build systemic oppression.  It will take more than 3 hours to dismantle it.  But if we are lucky we might catch a glimpse of what liberation might feel like.  And maybe that glimpse will inspire us to want more. 

Interested in joining?

Practical details:
When: Not scheduled at the moment. Check back later, or sign up for my email list for notification of when I’ll be doing this again in the future.  If you have a group of people who would like to explore this with me, contact me to discuss how we can make this happen.

Where: The garden at the Oliver Mansion/History Museum
808 W. Washington Street, South Bend

Who: A small group (less than 10) of beautiful people who resonate with this invitation.

My ancestors are European and I identify as white.  This workshop is specifically designed for white people to look at systemic oppression from the standpoint of how white people perpetuate systemic oppression and what they can do to interrupt and dismantle it.  People of color who resonate with this invitation are more than welcome to attend, and I invite your feedback.

What: Bring anything that you think you will need to be comfortable outdoors for 3 hours. (If it is raining, I’ll probably cancel. I’ll call you.) We will be sitting, standing, lying down, walking, and doing gentle movements.

• Bring water.
• Bring a blanket/towel/sheet (I won’t have designated physical distancing areas, so feel free to bring a HUGE blanket if you want to demarcate a big distance between you and others.)
• Bring a chair if you like.
• Wear comfortable clothes.  Bring layers if the weather is chilly.
• Bring a small object that has an important symbolic meaning for you, if you feel like it.
• Bring a journal if you have one and feel like bringing it

Linda looking peaceful meditating
No Justice No Peace Sign

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