Nuggets of Wisdom

Nuggets of Wisdom

April 7, 2016

I read a lot of self-help books, spiritual books, new agey idea books.  More recently I have started listening to podcasts that reflect my interests, reinforce my belief systems, or present me with new ideas that deepen my current beliefs.  I’m constantly coming across these nuggets of wisdom that I think, “Wow!  That’s a valuable nugget!  I need to remember this one!  If I can just remember this one, I will never experience suffering again!”

But somehow, I move along, I lose that nugget.  Maybe I latch on to a new one.  Or maybe I just get caught up in “work” and “doing stuff”.  Sometimes I’ll reread that nugget again, or somehow be reminded of it.  Then I’ll think, “Oh!  That’s so valuable!  I can’t believe I forgot it!  I need to make sure I never ever ever forget it again!!!”  I start thinking of writing it down, making a lengthy list of all these nuggets.  Or maybe posting signs all over my house.  Every where I look, I’ll come across some deep meaningful wisdom.

But I just realised that trying to hang on to all these nuggets of wisdom is still control.  Can I trust that when I really need that nugget, it will come to me, right when I need it?  If I forget it, perhaps I didn’t really need it? Or it wasn’t really all that valuable? Can I express gratitude for this nugget in this moment, feel it, let it penetrate my being, and then let it go, trusting it to return whenever I need it, or to stay with me, if I still need it right now?

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