April 6, 2016

I suppose it was only a matter of time before I wrote a blog about capitalism.  While I know its currently nearly impossible to “step out of the capitalist” system, as many of us dream, I’m excited for this opportunity to at least dance around the edges.  I’m excited to explore not selling 40+ hours of my time every week to my employer.  I’m excited to explore how my time is spent, and how my needs get met without a “job”.

Before all the skeptics jump in and tell me about the guy they met who tried to live without money and failed or whatever, let me just say, I’m not quitting my job to make a statement or prove a point.  I’m not claiming to go moneyless, I’m not claiming to be leaving capitalism, I’m not claiming anything.  The only thing I know is that I’m tired of having a job, I’m curious what life will be like without formal employment and I’m getting lots of notes from the universe telling me its time to go play and explore, and trust.  So, who am I to say no?

As I step into a very big unknown, its comforting to my mind to come up with little, “Well, worst case scenario you could always just….”  fill in the blank.  There are TONS of things I could do to make a bit of money, to make a lot of money, to live somewhere other than Angola… If need be, I have plenty of back up plans.  No doubt about it, I’m privileged beyond belief.  I’ve got white skin, speak English as a first language, a Bachelor’s degree from a university with a well known name and a Master’s Degree from a university with not so well known of a name, but a nice name anyway, a blue passport, friends and family who love me and have savings accounts – I’m golden.

But for now, I’m trying to put all of that out of my mind and just step into this process with an open mind, open heart ready to embrace whatever experiences life presents to me and manifest whatever the universe whispers to me, “This is why I told you to keep moving…”  So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I do sometimes think, “Well, maybe I should get certified in X, you know, just in case.”  Where X is any number of a zillion interesting movement oriented methods I’ve been exploring recently.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to bring Nia, or Zumba or 5 Rhythms (for goodness sake, a white woman from the US teaching rural Africans to dance???) to Angola?  It could be fun, be a backup income, maybe I should?

But when I look at the price of these various trainings part of me just says, “Really? Why? Why must everything be so commodified?  Why are these trainings for ‘sale in the market’?”  Then it hit me, by getting certified in these various methods as a “backup income plan”, I am commodifying myself as well.  If I put a price on something I love and would love to freely share, I’m commodifying my passion.  How can I commodify my passion?

I talked to a friend today who has stepped out of formal employment to follow his passions.  He is currently trying to bring in enough income to meet his needs, but still wants to live his passion daily.  I asked him what the difference is between commodifying my passions and allowing my passions to bring me an income that meets my needs.  He said I should follow the Middle Way.  I have a feeling this is a piece of advice I will be returning to over the coming months.

In the meantime, I dream about living in a land flowing with abundant honey, avocados, and cocoa.  If these things literally grow on trees, what use do I have for a monetary income?  😉

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